Month: February 2018

Making lives better Life & Career Coach

What’s Amy like? (3 min. audio)

Listen to Amy talk about her coaching practice– In this short interview, you will hear Amy talk about her ideal client and how she helps them achieve their goals. Amy also tells us about the client feedback she typically receives and describes how her background led her to coach.

Take 40 seconds to find out what a coach could do for you

Coaching benefits you may not have thought of Are you on the sidelines wishing you were in the game, leading the life you want? Think about the athletes that want to be successful. If they want to be competitive in a sport, they hire a coach. A coach brings objectivity and strategy to the table. A coach gets to know the athlete and determines how to best work with and motivate them to achieve their goals. Picture having…
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whats a session like

What you will gain from a free consultation

You’ll always take away something of value The easiest way for you to learn what coaching is about is to actually be coached. That’s why I offer a free introductory session. I want you to know what you can expect from coaching and also get a feel for what it would be like working with me. So, at our first session, we will begin with a brief discussion of what coaching is about (and a…
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How to quiet that negative voice inside

You have the power–here’s how– We all struggle with something . . . sometimes lots of things, sometimes just one big thing. Are you feeling stuck or confused? Or maybe you just can’t envision your path ahead. You are creative, resourceful, and whole and the answers lie within you. Believe me, they do!  But if something is holding you back from believing it, read on . . . “We all have that negative internal critic…
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burnout got you down

Don’t let your brain hold you back

Here’s how to move past There is a part of your brain–the amygdala (ah-mig-dah-lah)–that is the cave man’s survival section of the brain. It keeps us safe, secure and away from risky places. If we contemplate embarking on a path not yet taken, it fills us with terror and thus steers us to a more familiar and safer route. So in any given moment, you could be on a route with which you are unfamiliar.…
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