Making lives better Life & Career Coach

My promise to you

My goal is to help you find your best direction, your true North, where your purpose aligns with your values and your passion. My promise to you, as my client— You will receive grounded, non-judgmental, authentic, confidential and open-minded coaching on topics you wish to explore including job/career, retirement, health and wellness goals and other life issues. Together, in a client and coach partnership, we will seek, find and usher in your new direction or…
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What is coaching?

The focus is to serve & inspire A coach is a change-agent, a catalyst for moving ahead and empowering clients to reach the place they wish to go. Coaching provides a path to align your purpose and values with your passions and direction. In my sessions, the focus is to serve my client’s goals, inspire and offer a path toward transformation. Where do you wish to be? Where do you experience joy or despair every…
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Because you are worth it!

Follow your instincts . . . Here’s what can happen. When someone first hears about coaching, whether it’s called “Life” or “Personal” or “Career” coaching, their instinct is often to jump in with anticipation at the thought of getting help figuring out their next move. Then . . .  they think about it. That Little Voice starts telling them maybe they aren’t so keen on sharing what’s going on in their personal life. That Little…
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Real quotes from real clients– “WORKING WITH AMY HAS HELPED BROADEN . . . and shift my perspective on challenges that I face on a regular basis (i.e.: procrastinating, catastrophizing, indecisiveness, etc.).  She has taught me how to identify and use concrete skills and strategies to promote adopting a more objective perspective that helps me to move forward when feeling “stuck”, and helped me to uncover and leverage strengths that I already possess.  During our…
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