Can’t decide? 4 simple steps to get out of the mud (of indecision)

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Can’t decide? 4 simple steps to get out of the mud (of indecision)

burnout got you down

If self-doubt, vacillation or downright fear is controlling and possibly hindering your progress, (such as with a project or a personal conundrum) here are four easy steps to get back on track and heading toward success. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I have the knowledge/information I need to make this decision or do I need more input?
  • If no: Figure out your best resources to help you clarify the issues and shed light on any gray areas. Then jump on it until you feel you have all the information you need.
  • If yes: Go on to #2.
  1.  I have the information I need, so what’s holding me back from making this call/decision?
  • Brainstorm, writing down all the reasons (without editing or judgment at first) The list is for you alone, so be honest. It is often fear of something that keeps us frozen. Circle the top three reasons. If you find you need more input, go back to Step 1. If it’s something else, such as fear, self-doubt, protocol or approvals, go to Step 3.
  1. Now that I know I have all the information I need and something else is holding me back, are the issues my own personal issues or real business issues (approvals, discussions) that need to be addressed?
  • If it’s fear and that negative self-critic in your head that we ALL have) notice it, observe it (why now?) and acknowledge it. Sometimes simply looking it square-on will give you the courage to push through it. Ask yourself what the worst-case scenario would be and how likely it is. Chances are you have blown the risk way out of proportion. You are better than that!
  • If it’s a business issue, then address it as best you can. Prepare for whatever conversation or process you may have to experience and then plow forward. Most things do not actually get easier if left to the last minute.
  1.  As a 4thand final step, chill out! You are creative, resourceful and you will figure this out, one way or another. Worrying about it can be a waste of good energy. We can all learn from our challenges and mistakes. No one is perfect–no one.

Remember who you were when you are at the peak of your game? You are still that person with those qualities and confidence–get in touch with your best attributes of your best self (Of course, a coach can help with this :-)). Then nothing can stop you!