Silencing Your Inner Critic – Workshop

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Silencing Your Inner Critic

Manage the negativity

& confidently lead a more joyful life!

A workshop to make it happen

Who will benefit from this workshop . . .

Anyone who criticizes themselves and is hesitating to move forward toward something that matters.

What is it all about?

Studies show our inner critic can hold us back from achieving our goals.  Learn how to manage your negative inner voice so that you can lead a more productive and joyful life. 

Do you have more to offer and yet feel stuck? Do you want to change your job, business, relationship or some aspect of your life?  Does the Critic hold you back, stymie your full expression of yourself or your ability to see and experience the gifts you have to offer? I can teach you how to de-power that negative voice and confidently, successfully transition to the life you want.

Learn how to recognize and quiet the self-limiting thoughts and see ways to prepare for the life or job you want. Attendees take away a tool to use for the rest of their lives to silence The Critic and gain confidence and strength of purpose to move forward. Achieve your goals! See the path of possiblity ahead!

Take note: Not everyone realizes they have an inner critic, but everyone does! It is a natural a part of the human psyche just like our conscience and rational mind. It can restrict us and prevent us from living our best life.

      The workshop is now virtual!


Find out how to conquer your negative voice and move ahead towards your goals.

What more could you accomplish if you could make your inner voice encouraging and inspiring?

Attendees have said:


I am always working on being the best version of myself.

I realize it’s a lot of work. Thank goodness we have great people to help us feel empowered to do just that . . . Make no mistake, we all have this Inner Critic and we are all a work in progress.”

Lolli Leeson
Marketing Director, Juice Plus


 “This was a fantastic workshop! I highly recommend Amy as a coach and speaker. You will get so much insight into how your Inner Critic gets in your way and a really effective tool to manage your responses when that negative voice chimes in.”

Pam Driscoll
Coach, Speaker, Trainer at Pamela Driscoll Coaching



“The workshop was superb, inspiring, thought-provoking, and personally valuable. Naming that inner critic was my take-away. 

Amy is an excellent coach.”

Francie King
Founder and owner of HistoryKeep



At this two-hour seminar, attendees can learn . . .

. . . a new perspective around how the Inner Critic operates

. . . ways to empower and invigorate their self-confidence 

. . . what it feels like to take control over the Inner Critic

. . . how to recognize the critical voice and silence it

. . . the energy shift of a renewed strength of purpose


People leave this workshop on a path of greater clarity, energy, and confidence to make a positive difference in their lives.


My coaching clients regularly tell me about this tool: 

“I wish I knew about this when I was much younger.

What a difference it would have made in my life!”


Are you organizing a speaker event or program?

I offer a gift for coordinators and organizers of speaking programs if you are considering this workshop for your community. Below is a brief but impactful audio to give you a sense of the power of perspective, the essence of my workshop. For best results, before you start the recording–take a moment to close your eyes, take several deep breaths and relax.

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