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Don’t have the answers? Here are 3 ways to find them & engage your team

You have the confidence to “share the dilemma” Have you ever found yourself caught between wanting to be a respected leader while at the same time not knowing all the answers? Awkward? Maybe you feel the pull between your own ego and self-confidence and the strategic business goals you were hired to accomplish? You might wonder if it’s possible to maintain your team’s respect while admitting you don’t have all the answers? Does this describe…
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If you’re hesitating – here’s how to get past it!

4 simple steps to get out of the mud If self-doubt, vacillation or downright fear is controlling and possibly hindering your progress, (such as with a project at work or a personal conundrum) here are four easy steps to get you back on track and heading toward success. Ask yourself these questions: Do I have the knowledge/information I need to make this decision or do I need more input? — If no, then obtain it.…
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Checklist (do it today!) to retain valuable hires

I call them the 3 C’s– After all your time and effort to find the right person for a role in your organization, wouldn’t it make sense to do all you can to hold on to those valued employees? One statistic suggests within the first two weeks, each new hire will decide whether they like the job or not. You don’t have much time to impact their decision! Make every day count. So . .…
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Are you headed for burnout? 10 symptoms

Do any of these look familiar?– 1—Tired all or most of the time 2—Staying at work later and later with few breaks 3—Muddle-headed, difficulty focusing 4—Frequent colds, stomach troubles or headaches 5—Lack of motivation to do the job or forgetful 6—Grouchy 7—Isolated from friends and fun times 8—Disorganized, stressed or out-of-balance 9—Little self-care or rest, putting off workouts, haircuts, manicures or massages 10—Generally not feeling accomplished or capable, losing interest in anything requiring effort Burnout…
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