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Real Results – From a Real Client’s Perspective

When the time is right for client to end a series of coaching sessions, part of the process is to help them reflect on what they’ve learned and how far they have come. It is also a moment to acknowledge their personal progress. Clients are asked to answer a series of “Completion Questions” and I am sharing this particular Completion Form from a recent client (with approval of course). My hope in sharing it is…
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What is a session like?

You’ll be amazed at how easy and comfortable it is Sometimes the easiest way for you to learn what coaching is about is to actually be coached. So, at our first session, which is complimentary, we will start with a brief discussion of what coaching is about and how we can best work together. Then we’ll have a short coaching session on a real topic. Even in 30 minutes, you will see the power of…
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What is coaching?

The focus is to serve & inspire A coach is a change-agent, a catalyst for moving ahead and empowering clients to reach the place they wish to go. Coaching provides a path to align your purpose and values with your passions and direction. In my sessions, the focus is to serve my client’s goals, inspire and offer a path toward transformation. Where do you wish to be? Where do you experience joy or despair every…
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