You should absolutely know the answer to these 3 questions

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You should absolutely know the answer to these 3 questions

Many of us go through every day on remote control. We get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch TV or walk and go to bed. Then do it all over again. Day after day after day. If your every day activities were part of something bigger, you would feel like you getting somewhere, able to reach a goal and doing some good in the process.


If you can answer these three questions, you probably feel a sense of purpose, drive and accomplishment. If you can’t, then noodle, journal or meditate (or all three) about them. Don’t judge yourself if it takes some time. And if you need help with the answers, that’s one thing coaching can help with.


Why are you here? 

What is your purpose for your life on earth? What gifts do you bring to the world? What is the impact you want, are having, would like to have? If you had a plan that aligned with your work and play, your life would have greater meaning. Knowing and living your purpose leads to fulfillment and joy.


What is the legacy you wish to leave behind?

Ah, BIG question, right? This comes from your purpose, but focuses on your lingering impact on those around you. What will your kids, family, employees and friends learn from you and the way you live your life? Are you providing a good example for a life well-lived? What are your values and are they visible to others? Are you a positive role model? Do you want to be? What would change in your actions if you focused on making a lasting impact on those around you?


What do you want people to say about you at your funeral?

This may give you goose-bumps, but let’s face it . . . “ain’t none of us are getting out of this alive”! So face the music and think about what your friends, family and co-corkers might say about you (way down the road of course). Were you generous, kind and compassionate? Were you smart, successful and a good salesperson? What descriptions resonate with you? What do you truly want those words to be?


You have the power to choose. You and you alone.


In coaching, we explore and actual draft your Life Purpose Statement. It actually isn’t as hard as you might think. It’s all about finding ways new perspectives that bring to light what you’re all about. We explore and uncover your values to give you a greater sense of self. And we stay focused on your goals for coaching so you achieve all that’s possible.