A career coach can help me . . . how?

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A career coach can help me . . . how?

You CAN find work that will be more interesting, inspirational and enjoyable!

Do any of the following describe how you sometimes feel?

  • You have a “great” job, you have a great salary, benefits, etc. but you have to drag yourself out of bed every morning just to show up. The work is not satisfying or interesting anymore.
  • You go to work every day, earn a decent living, but the idea of doing it for the next 10-30 years makes you want to cry or . . . scream. You have financial obligations, and maybe a bit of expectation (or even pressure) from yourself or others for continued success. You’d love to find more meaningful work, but what?
  • You couldn’t take it anymore. You quit your job and have been applying to new ones, but without a sense of direction or focus. As time goes by, you are feeling more and more like you just need ANY job. If only you could get help with finding a direction.

Let’s face it. If you knew the answer to your future, you would have taken that path already. You have so many talents, experiences and interests but how can you put them all together to give yourself a focus for a career, or even just a job, that will truly fit with who you are?

THAT is what a career coach can do for you. A good coach will help you inventory your skills, talents and abilities. They will help you explore your interests, passions and dreams. A coach can help you look within to connect with your confidence and develop a sense of clarity of direction. An objective observer and guide can be a real asset when you yourself, after much thinking and exploring, are not coming up with the answers you want.

How can you find a good career coach? Many resources are available besides Google—the CCC, CTI and ICF are good places to start your search.

Don’t sit in doubt, frustration and self-pity any longer—talk to someone. The right path for you right now is out there. You CAN find work that will be more interesting, inspirational and enjoyable!