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Coaching Topics

Our coaching topics are completely flexible and carefully customized for each client. Here are some ideas.

How coaching can help you -– in 40 seconds

  • Empower yourself & move ahead
  • Create the life you want
  • Replace old habits with positive actions
  • Quiet the naysayer within
  • Discover what else is important to you
  • Determine the best fit for your job/career
  • Clarify your strengths, passions and gifts
  • Discover your purpose, confidence & joy
  • Create your criteria for the job search
  • Find your true calling
  • Develop & decide on alternative strategies
  • Identify & eliminate what’s holding you back
  • Maximize your effectiveness
  • Increase your confidence
  • Identify & plan your best solutions
  • Increase your optimism & hope
  • See what’s possible, realistic & exciting
  • Determine the best-fitting next step
  • Plan for a fulfilling life post-retirement
  • Choose the right time

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My Mission


Find your true path.

Be inspired to step into a new direction.

Be truly listened to.

Connect with your creativity & resourcefulness so you can move ahead confidently.

Reach your goals—whether for career/job, professional development, retirement or other life issues.

Change your outlook on life. Focus on what’s possible.

Benefit from a non-judgmental, confidential and supportive space.

My driving force is providing clients with inspiring and transformational opportunities through co-active (meaning we partner together to reach your goals) coaching. I don’t tell you what to do, I help you find the right answers within.

My purpose is guiding clients to their path with clarity, growth, transformation and joy–-their own True North. It’s that simple.

More About My Mission

Who is Amy Berenson?

On a cold, rainy day in late November, the last employee walked out of the Boston-based tech start-up I was working in. I was now laying off the employees I had helped recruit and hire as HR Director. Things had gone south; little did I realize at the time that it would lead me to my True North.

Fast forward-–I knew I was qualified for many HR positions but not one of them interested me any longer. So I wrote a viscerally honest description of the aspects of the “perfect” job for me.

A few weeks later, a friend asked me three simple questions about my recent job.

What energized me? What did I miss the most? What was I most proud of?

I told him I had loved the times I helped employees discover their strengths, craft their successes, and take their best course of action. Turned out, this friend was a life coach (a profession I knew little about at the time), and he recommended I look into becoming a coach.

After researching, I chose to become certified by the Co-Active Training Institute, a highly respected coaching company. Through the process, I discovered that coaching is a solution to the kind of uncertainty many of us experienced in high school, college and beyond.–What is “it” I want to do with my life?

I am inspired to help people find their way and my life has never been the same. I knew I had found my “it.”

Oh, and that job description I’d written? It perfectly described the aspects of a life coach! Huh! I am grateful everyday I’ve found my calling and feel honored to help others find the same.

See below for the education and certifications I then pursued. 
More about my certification & training

Amy’s Blog

A career coach can help me . . . how?

You CAN find work that will be more interesting, inspirational and enjoyable! Do any of the following describe how you sometimes feel? You have a “great” job, you have a great salary, benefits, etc. but you have to drag yourself out of bed every morning just to show up. The work is not satisfying or interesting anymore. You go to work every day, earn a decent living, but the idea of doing it for the[…]

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Where have all the people gone? or What is the Great Resignation all about? Employers take note.

The labor shortage has perplexed us all . . . we thought it was the big unemployment subsidies keeping people at home instead of going back to work. Then, in states which ended those subsidies, we expected a surge in employment. It didn’t happen. Now with everyone no longer receiving the subsidies, employment numbers are still flat. What happened? If it is indeed the time of “Great Resignations”, what is driving everyone to discard their[…]

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Want to make a change but can’t seem to get moving? Read this!

You want something—maybe a change in your job or your life—but you are stuck in your own self-doubt tornado. Try these steps and get back on track, heading toward your goal. (If you need help determining your goal, this could help.) One thing is for certain . . . you will be 100% unsuccessful if you don’t even try!  To get started, take just a moment to consider these steps to help move you forward.[…]

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients are saying

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“Amy takes any problem you have, whether it be an everyday problem or a larger life-issue, and does not stop working with you until you have found a solution. Her thoughtful, pointed questions guide you to a simple answer to a complex problem. In just a matter of weeks, she has become a transformative person in my life”

New Jersey

“I was at a crossroads in my career, feeling unsure and a bit shaky. After a few sessions with Amy, I was able to clear away the clutter, formulate a plan and execute it. She’s a gifted practitioner. It’s that simple. I’m walking proof.”


“After resigning from my job during Covid, Amy provided me with structured techniques to establish evaluation criteria for my job search given my values and skillsets . . . as well as exercises to combat the voice of my inner critic, a step that was fundamental for navigating my search with purpose and the confidence.”


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