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College grad in need of motivation? 5 steps to help.

If your job search is stalled, read on . . .  You’ve done it! You’ve graduated college and are ready for the next step. But the energy stops there. Is a voice inside your head telling you . . .  You’ll never find a good job Go ahead and watch just one more Netflix episode . . . Why change? Life is good at home with someone cooking and cleaning! You’ll never be successful and that…
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REcent grads looking scared

Recent grad wonders “What do I do now?”

How many times have you heard of recent grads who are stuck, frustrated and wishing for something more? They loved their major, enjoyed college, but never found out what kind of job they want to persue. Does that sound like you or someone you know? Ever notice how some kids growing up knew exactly what they wanted to be? Early on, they want to be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a journalist etc. and/or…
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Are Those “Shoulds” Making you Feel like a Loser?

Put another way, Ever Ask Yourself, “Why Can’t I Just Do It” Have you ever found yourself “should-ing” (yes, I made that word up) around your house or office? Everywhere you look, you see to-dos you “should” be doing. And after a few procrastinations, you throw yourself into the “I’m such a loser” state of mind because you haven’t made progress on those supposedly important to-dos. Sound familiar? Stop beating yourself up! There’s a reason why…
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3 Steps to Move Forward and Get More From Your Life

We can all come up with ways our lives could be better, right? A little more joy, money, love, freedom, creativity . . . could make all the difference. But how can you go about making it happen? You must first look at what is holding you back. 1. Tap into your hidden strengths What are those things you are good at and enjoy doing? Do you have talents that go unused but are yearning…
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My training and credentials

Credentials are important I believe in the importance of trusted, thorough and inspiring training as well as the measurement and certification of skills and abilities. I chose to be professionally trained and certified as a Co-Active coach even with my over 20 years of business and human resources experience. My coaching credentials include: CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) through CTI (see below) ACC (Associate Certified Coach) from the International Coach Federation (see below) MBA from Boston…
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