Silence Your Inner Critic

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Overpowering the Inner Critic

Quick steps to breaking free

Visualization steps to send it on its way . . .

Practice and repeat until it only takes a second

  1. Picture your Saboteur in all its detail.
  2. See the familiar phrases (starting with “You” not “I”) it says to you.
  3. Add a volume dial & turn it up. Notice where you feel it.
  4. Put the Saboteur into or onto the transportation and send it!
  5. Watch it get smaller until it reaches its destination. Poof!
  6. Tada! Notice how you feel. THIS is your true self. Remember this feeling.
  7. Picture yourself with strength of purpose & capability.

This is who you REALLY are.

Quick method to de-power the Inner Critic

5 Quick steps when it starts to whisper in your ear

  1. Notice it and recognize it for what it is – negativity that is untruthful. Notice how and where you feel the impact in your body.
  2. Observe & evaluate what it’s saying: Notice what it says, when it speaks and how it says it. What is it trying to do? Why now? Is there any thing useful (not usually!)?
  3. Make the choice—to listen or not. Choose to ignore and then FLIP it! Think about a more real response (i.e. I am doing the best I can and that’s good enough!”)
  4. Send it on its way (using visualization)!
  5. Remember all the capable, clever and wonderful things you have done and will do.

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