Are you headed for burnout? 10 symptoms

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Are you headed for burnout? 10 symptoms

Do any of these look familiar?–

1—Tired all or most of the time
2—Staying at work later and later with few breaks
3—Muddle-headed, difficulty focusing
4—Frequent colds, stomach troubles or headaches
5—Lack of motivation to do the job or forgetful
7—Isolated from friends and fun times
8—Disorganized, stressed or out-of-balance
9—Little self-care or rest, putting off workouts, haircuts, manicures or massages
10—Generally not feeling accomplished or capable, losing interest in anything requiring effort

Burnout is serious and demands radical self-care. Rest, relaxation and finding joy in life are not extravagancies; they are requirements! If you’re not taking care of yourself, you are not taking care of your business.”

Burnout zaps our energy and impacts every aspect of our life. Recognizing burnout and countering its effects is essential to living a meaningful, energized life.

What you can do about it

If you or someone you care about has or is headed for a burnout, don’t wait—start right away on counter-measures. Here are a few ideas:

  • Review your priorities–make sure rest and relaxation are among them
  • Focus on a positive statement or affirmation about what’s important to you–daily
  • Give your self some credit for all you do
  • Thank those around you who help, encourage or love you
  • Check in with your close friends and family—what are they seeing?
  • Exercise! Endorphins are a huge lift to your spirit
  • Set boundaries on hours at work, when possible, and stick to them
  • Be accountable to someone for the changes you make. It really helps.
  • Get (coaching) help if you are finding it hard to live the life you want
  • Your days are finite and limited—make each one count

Unchecked burnout can lead to more serious problems that could be harder to solve. Don’t let it fester.

Make this your year for a fresh look at how you or someone you care about can live life more fully, joyfully and healthily!

p.s. Finding a coach or a mentor can also be invaluable. 😉

Excerpt from Beating Burnout by Monica Valcour in the November 2016 Harvard Business Review.