Are Those “Shoulds” Making you Feel like a Loser?

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Are Those “Shoulds” Making you Feel like a Loser?

Put another way, Ever Ask Yourself, “Why Can’t I Just Do It”

Have you ever found yourself “should-ing” (yes, I made that word up) around your house or office? Everywhere you look, you see to-dos you “should” be doing. And after a few procrastinations, you throw yourself into the “I’m such a loser” state of mind because you haven’t made progress on those supposedly important to-dos. Sound familiar?

Stop beating yourself up!

There’s a reason why you aren’t doing those “shoulds”–they aren’t connected to a goal that is important to you. It’s as simple as that.

Dig underneath the to-do and ask yourself why that chore is on the list in the first place? If you can’t come up with a good reason, other than you “should” or it brings up the image of someone wagging a finger at you, (and it isn’t critical to life or limb), take it off the list!

When you know your purpose, are clear on your goals and motivated to reach them, “shoulds” go away. Even the same chores, when they are part of your purpose and/or goal, become effortless! Why? Because you envision the joy and sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when the task is done and that motivates you to make it happen. Voila! You achieve that goal!

So stop the “Shoulds” from running your life! If you need to clarify your purpose or goals or direction (maybe you’re stuck?), consider having a partner to help—a life coach is your knowledgeable and experienced guide who can help you find that purpose and navigate the road ahead. Just sayin’. 😉