Don’t let your brain hold you back

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Don’t let your brain hold you back

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There is a part of your brain–the amygdala (ah-mig-dah-lah)–that is the cave man’s survival section of the brain. It keeps us safe, secure and away from risky places. If we contemplate embarking on a path not yet taken, it fills us with terror and thus steers us to a more familiar and safer route.

So in any given moment, you could be on a route with which you are unfamiliar. Whether it be a new boss with a unique perspective or a new job, career choice, major life decision . . . Any of these can be scary and, if possible, our amygdala will have us avoid it.

So are you avoiding something? Are you stuck or uncertain which way to turn? Is there a decision you wish you could make? Identifying what we avoid–and why–gives us insights into ourselves. Exploring that insight can help you gain confidence, clarity and energy.


You might be thinking, “If I avoid it, I’m good. No need to explore it further.” But actually, that could be your amygdala talking . . . What we avoid still rents space in our brain, our bodies and our spirit. We spend time, consciously or unconsciously, avoiding those things/people/places. That little (how little is it, really?) pocket of fear/anger/uncertainty restricts your movement, your thinking and your creativity.

Don’t avoid those dark corners—when you keep them dark, other parts of our lives are darkened as well.

Try this

Now imagine being an objective observer . . . Watch yourself while you explore the issue. Imagine you are consulting . . . to yourself in a non-judgmental and supportive space. (Try it on your own or create it with a close friend or your coach, of course ;-).) Airing “the issue”, making friends with it, viewing it or judging it as an observer, not one caught up in it, can shed light and air on it. You could even journal on it–as a stream-of-consciousness if that works for you. You’ll start to see the “issue” as separate from yourself. Amazingly, its power can diminish and even dissolve. And, you will have learned something more about yourself.

Make sure you do this without judgment, with the mindset of accepting these aspects of who you are. See yourself as resourceful and whole and someone in search of greater understanding around the avoidance. The result could be a clearer view into the path forward and you can move on!

Don’t avoid those dark corners—bc when you keep them dark, other parts of our lives are darkened as well. Seeing them, accepting them, forgiving them, countering them, brings in light, energy and joy.

p.s. This is rich ground to contemplate in coaching. But you knew that. 😉