If you’re hesitating – here’s how to get past it!

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If you’re hesitating – here’s how to get past it!


4 simple steps to get out of the mud

If self-doubt, vacillation or downright fear is controlling and possibly hindering your progress, (such as with a project at work or a personal conundrum) here are four easy steps to get you back on track and heading toward success. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I have the knowledge/information I need to make this decision or do I need more input?

— If no, then obtain it. If yes, go on to #2.

2.  Assuming I now have the information I need, what’s holding me back from making this call/decision?

— List the reasons and be honest with yourself. If you need more info, get it. If it’s something else, go to Step 3.

3.  Now that I know I have all the information I need and something else is holding me back, are the issues my own personal issues (fear or doubt?) or real business issues (approvals, discussions) that need to be addressed? If it’s fear and that negative self-critic in your head (that we ALL have) acknowledge it. Sometimes simply looking it square on will give you the courage to push through it. Ask yourself what the worst case scenario would be and how likely it is. Chances are you have blown the risk way out of proportion. You are better than that!

4.  As a 4th and final step, chill out! You are creative, resourceful and whole and you will figure this out, one way or another. Stop worrying so much. We can learn from our challenges and mistakes. No one is perfect. Remember who you are when you are at the peak of your game, get in touch with your best self (Of course, a coach can help with this :-)). Then nothing can stop you!