Meet Amy Berenson from Compass Coaching

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Meet Amy Berenson from Compass Coaching

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Interview by Discover Marblehead

Tell us about your business. I started Compass Coaching to help adults in career transition. With a Life Coach Certification and 25 years in Human Resources, my goal is to empower professionals to create the work of their dreams.  I have three specialties: Young professionals reassessing their job or career, new graduates and retirees. Incredible things happen if you work with a coach to clarify your priorities and take action.

I work with people all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. I find that many wish to have “a coach near me” so many clients are near Boston as well. The first step is to meet with me for a free introductory session – this is a great way to try out the process and there is no pressure. As a coach, I’ve helped clients to:

  • Gain more confidence in them selves
  • Develop criteria for their job search
  • Make decisions about their job (stay or go) and create more fulfillment at work
  • Get a much better first job out of school than they expected
  • Find fulfillment and purpose in their retirement
  • Create a new business

In essence, my clients find a True North in their work. I help them find it and empower them to achieve it.

What made you decide to start your business? On a cold, rainy day in late November, the last employee walked out of the Boston-based tech start-up I was working in. I was then laying off the employees I had helped recruit and hire as HR Director. Things had gone south; little did I realize at the time that it would lead me to my True North.

Fast forward -–I knew I was qualified for many HR positions but not one of them interested me. So I wrote a viscerally honest job description for the perfect job for me.

A few weeks later, a friend asked me three simple questions about my recent job . . .

What energized me? What did I miss the most? What was I most proud of?

I told him I had loved the times I helped employees discover their strengths, craft their successes, and take their best course of action. Turned out, this friend was a life coach (a profession I knew nothing about at the time), and he recommended I look into becoming a coach.

After in-depth research, I chose to become certified with Co-Active Training Institute, one of the most highly respected coach training companies in the world. I discovered what coaching really is: a solution to the kind of uncertainty we all experience in high school, college and beyond–

What is “it” I want to do with my life?

I am inspired to help people find their way and my life has never been the same. I had found my “it.”

Oh, and that job description I’d written? It perfectly described a life coach! Huh! I am grateful everyday I’ve found my calling and feel honored to help others find the same.

What do you love most about Marblehead? Location! Location! Location! I grew up on the Connecticut coast–sailing, swimming and enjoying the ocean. I love the water-oriented vibe, the relaxed attitude and the proximity to Boston. This quaint peninsula loaded with a history of fishing, the harbor and even the nearby train (I can hear the whistle from home) all remind me of my home town, Stonington CT. I love the peace and quiet of the early mornings and evenings and the kind spirit of so many.

What hobbies and interests do you have? I sail as often as possible with my husband and friends, and garden, biking, and walk. Summer is my favorite season, but I do enjoy the beauty and quiet of fresh fallen snow (though a white sand beach in the Caribbean is far superior). A good book, interesting lectures, indoor badminton and meeting new people in and around town are also fun endeavors.


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