What you will gain from a free consultation

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What you will gain from a free consultation

whats a session like

You’ll always take away something of value

The easiest way for you to learn what coaching is about is to actually be coached. That’s why I offer a free introductory session. I want you to know what you can expect from coaching and also get a feel for what it would be like working with me.

So, at our first session, we will begin with a brief discussion of what coaching is about (and a little about what it is not). I’ll explain how I work with your best interest in mind and outline what my expectations will be of you in the partnership we might create. Coaching is just that—a relationship in which we are both committed to and vested in your ideal outcome. We will work together, as full participants, to make it happen.

Then we’ll have a short coaching session on a real topic. I will help you identify that topic through a tool I have or you can bring a topic. Even in 30 minutes, you will see the power of coaching. You will

  • gain clarity
  • acquire a fresh perspective and/or
  • develop a new approach to an old issue.

All of my clients have experienced these in just one session. Why not request one now?