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burnout got you down

Don’t let your brain hold you back

Here’s how to move past There is a part of your brain–the amygdala (ah-mig-dah-lah)–that is the cave man’s survival section of the brain. It keeps us safe, secure and away from risky places. If we contemplate embarking on a path not yet taken, it fills us with terror and thus steers us to a more familiar and safer route. So in any given moment, you could be on a route with which you are unfamiliar.…
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Are you headed for burnout? 10 symptoms

Do any of these look familiar?– 1—Tired all or most of the time 2—Staying at work later and later with few breaks 3—Muddle-headed, difficulty focusing 4—Frequent colds, stomach troubles or headaches 5—Lack of motivation to do the job or forgetful 6—Grouchy 7—Isolated from friends and fun times 8—Disorganized, stressed or out-of-balance 9—Little self-care or rest, putting off workouts, haircuts, manicures or massages 10—Generally not feeling accomplished or capable, losing interest in anything requiring effort Burnout…
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