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Shhhh… Shutting Up Your Inner Critic and Sparking Joy Within

Ever feel like that nagging voice in your head is like a broken record on repeat, constantly playing the “you’re not good enough” song? Yep, we’ve all been there. That, my friends, is your inner critic at its finest (or shall I say, worst?). But guess what? You CAN quiet it and ignite a symphony of confidence and self-love instead. Let’s ditch the negativity and hit the replay button on a more empowering soundtrack! First…
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Can you believe the things you say to yourself?

Would you speak to someone else the same way to speak to yourself? Eeks. I don’t think so. Do any of these phrases sound familiar? “You aren’t good at that.” “You will never be as successful as her.” “Who do you think you are?” “You’ll never be THAT attractive.” “You’ll never get a decent job. They’ll figure out you are an imposter.” “You should give up right now. Don’t even try.” Put simply, “You aren’t…
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