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Real quotes from real clients–

WORKING WITH AMY HAS HELPED BROADEN . . . and shift my perspective on challenges that I face on a regular basis (i.e.: procrastinating, catastrophizing, indecisiveness, etc.).  She has taught me how to identify and use concrete skills and strategies to promote adopting a more objective perspective that helps me to move forward when feeling “stuck”, and helped me to uncover and leverage strengths that I already possess.  During our sessions, we worked through tangible exercises that equipped me with “takeaways” that I could practice using outside of our session that I’ve found and continue to find extremely useful and applicable to any situation I encounter.  I highly recommend Amy’s life coaching expertise to anyone that is looking to make a commitment to finding deeper fulfillment in their lives by uncovering and honing in on the qualities and skills that they already possess, but may not yet recognize.” K.B. (Massachusetts)

WORKING WITH AMY HAS BEEN SUCH A JOY.  She really listens and helped create a strategy of visualization techniques that worked for me.  I have made such amazing progress and reached my goals. She is an exceptional coach and this has been the best investment in my professional self… ever!” C.O. (Maryland)

MY WORK WITH AMY WAS TRANSFORMATIONALBecause I felt safe and supported, I could take an honest look at my life from many perspectives and decide what I wanted to change. There was no pressure, but Amy’s faith in me gave me added determination to take positive steps. I liked being able to check in with her, exchange ideas and then update my goals and work on them with renewed focus. I made lasting progress and life feels a lot easier.” L.P. (Massachusetts)

MY EXPERIENCE WITH AMY WAS EYE-OPENING. She helped me to see patterns that were not helping me at all. I am so grateful for her guidance and support throughout our sessions. It really helped me to prioritize the next steps and keep me accountable. Thank you, Amy, I am in such a better place today because of you.” R.M. (Massachusetts) 

I WAS AT A CROSSROAD . . . in my career, feeling unsure and a bit shaky. After a few sessions with Amy, I was able to clear away the clutter, formulate a plan and execute it. She’s a gifted practitioner. It’s that simple. I’m walking proof.” N.P. (Massachusetts)

“AMY HELPED ME TO BETTER UNDERSTAND . . . that the answer I was looking for to give my life meaning, at this point of time, was really a way of life, not just another job. Her questions and guidance pushed me to think outside the box, rather than the standard way I was used to in my approach to solving problems. J.F. (Massachusetts)

RECENTLY I ENGAGED AMY . . . to help me address a professional issue that had caused me to become frustrated and stuck. In just two sessions she helped me find the clarity and insight I needed to move forward in a new and exciting direction. Thanks to her trusting presence and skillful intervention, I am able to let go of the old and allow my self to be drawn to something new and energizing, and that feels really good!” T.H. (Massachusetts)

AMY CREATES A COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT . . . for coaching. She is masterful at asking powerful questions which allowed me to really look within and in the process, I was able to let go of some of the old stories I had been telling myself. Throughout my coaching with her I found myself becoming more confident, self-aware and grounded.” M.L. (Rhode Island)

AMY TAKES ANY PROBLEM . . . you have, whether it be an everyday problem or a larger life-issue, and does not stop working with you until you have found a solution. Her thoughtful, pointed questions guide you to a simple answer to a complex problem. In just a matter of weeks, she has become a transformative person in my life.” W.J. (New Jersey)

I HAVE SEEN AMAZING CHANGES . . . in myself since working with Amy. During our time together I have learned to recognise and quiet the voices of self-doubt and criticism that were holding me back. Amy helped me see that I have plenty of successes to celebrate, and so much potential for the future. I can’t thank you enough for helping me find my inner sparkles!” E.R. (United Kingdom)

I WAS BETWEEN JOBS . . . and didn’t know if I wanted to pursue a new career path or stay in the industry that I had over 30 years experience in. Amy lead me on a journey that enabled me to think clearly and see what was really important to me.” S.C. (Massachusetts)

AMY IS WONDERFUL . . . to work with. She listens to what you have to say and focuses on your needs. I definitely recommend Amy for her coaching services.” F.C. (Massachusetts)

IF . . . your clients get 1/2 as much clarity and benefit as I did, you’ll be an outrageous success!” J.L. (Massachusetts)

AMY OFFERS A GROUNDED . . .  non-judgmental, confidential, and open-minded approach to discussing your issues and ideas.” N.B. (California)

AMY IS COMMITTED . . . to helping her clients. Her coaching style isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. She has extraordinary listening skills that allow her to pick up on the slightest nuance in a conversation. This allows her to customize her discussions to meet the specific needs of her client. She very much cares about getting it right and helping her clients.” D.G. (Massachusetts)