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3 steps to feeling more satisfied with yourself

We can all come up with ways our lives could be better, right? A little more joy, money, love, freedom, creativity . . . could make all the difference. But how can you go about making it happen? You must first look at what is holding you back. Tap into your hidden strengths What are those things you are good at and enjoy doing? Do you have talents that go unused but are yearning to…
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Why consider coaching?

What’s in it for you? “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  Mark Twain If you are working every week, wouldn’t it be fabulous to love what you do? Find a role, or create one, that aligns with you! Explore your values and your why and tap into your own resources and intuition that can help you find the kind of…
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Take 40 seconds to find out what a coach could do for you

Coaching benefits you may not have thought of Are you on the sidelines wishing you were in the game, leading the life you want? Think about the athletes that want to be successful. If they want to be competitive in a sport, they hire a coach. A coach brings objectivity and strategy to the table. A coach gets to know the athlete and determines how to best work with and motivate them to achieve their goals. Picture having…
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whats a session like

What you will gain from a coaching session

You’ll always take away something of value The easiest way for you to learn what coaching is about is to actually be coached. That’s why I offer a free Discover Coaching session. At your free session, we will: briefly chat about what coaching is (and isn’t) learn what to expect from coaching (results) find out how long, how often and how much (how I work) discover what it feels like to be coached (it feels…
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What is a session like?

You’ll be amazed at how easy and comfortable it is Sometimes the easiest way for you to learn what coaching is about is to actually be coached. So, at our first session, which is complimentary, we will start with a brief discussion of what coaching is about and how we can best work together. Then we’ll have a short coaching session on a real topic. Even in 30 minutes, you will see the power of…
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