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If you’re hesitating or stuck – here are 4 steps to get you going!

4 simple steps to get out of the mud If self-doubt, vacillation or downright fear is controlling and possibly hindering your progress, (such as with a project at work or a personal conundrum) here are four easy steps to get you back on track and heading toward success. Ask these questions: Do you have the knowledge/information you need to make this decision or do you need more input? — If no, then obtain it. If…
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How to quiet that negative voice inside

You have the power–here’s how– We all struggle with something . . . sometimes lots of things, sometimes just one big thing. Are you feeling stuck or confused? Or maybe you just can’t envision your path ahead. You are creative, resourceful, and whole and the answers lie within you. Believe me, they do!  But if something is holding you back from believing it, read on . . . “We all have that negative internal critic…
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